The United Cyprus Park is declared

We were born between barbed wires, raised on streets split in half by the military’s barrels; we are the children of divided cities, and we are erasing and will continue to erase the traces of nationalism, racism and fascism on both sides of the island. We cannot afford to wait for a comprehensive solution and we cannot trust the leaders. We, the same people who must cover 12km instead of 200m to pass from one neighbourhood to the next in our city, gathered at this very spot nearly 4 months ago and claimed it as a “Unified Cyprus Park.” We are here once more to transform this space of separation into a Unified Cyprus Park, bringing the dead zone to life. The war that we never asked for is over, its parasitic militarism and fascist invasion into our lives will become history, our common heritage.

Enough is enough. The wall must fall.

We call the people living on this island to join and intensify all actions that defy the status quo of the green line.