Queer Cyprus Association at Pride 2017

Transcript/Απομαγνητοφώνηση/Transkripsiyon While we are marching, raising awareness and increasing our visibility marking the 17th of May, commemorating the decision to remove homosexuality from the International Classification of Diseases, hundreds of homosexuals are tortured, executed in concentration camps in Chechenia. Due to the capitalist and patriarchal system prevailing on our island and various places all around the... Continue Reading

“Here we go again!” We participate in the Pride protest on 13/5

For us, pride marches are marches commemorating the Stonewall uprisings, as well as all the struggles and assertions for the liberation of our desires, genders and sexualities. Liberation from oppressive normative systems, from patriarchy and capitalism which violently dominate and commodify our lives, putting them intο boxes for the sole purpose of profiting from pink money. It is a way to collectively claim public... Continue Reading

[Event] Beyond Gay: The politics of pride

We invite everyone to join our screening of the documentary “Beyond Gay: the Politics of Pride” on the 9th of May at Social Space Kaymakκιν, in Kaymakli, at 19:00. Following the screening, there will be presentations from members of antifa λευkoşa, Dayanışma, Queer Cyprus and Syspirosi Atakton on LGBTQI+ activism and pride experiences in Cyprus, continued with open discussion. The documentary follows... Continue Reading

The Racist Silence of Mass Media

Since September 2016, a group of 12 refugees was protesting outside the parliament for more than a 100 days, the last 20 of which were a hunger strike. Their demand was that the procedures required for the examination of their citizenship applications commence without arbitrary delays. Their applications were inexplicably stalled for months and even years in some occasions, so in September they saw... Continue Reading

We are not afraid

Last Tuesday, following the bicommunal pro-Reunification event that took place in Çetinkaya's football field, and while the attendands were leaving, a small pathetic group of fascists showed up under police protection. They wore masks which covered their faces,... Continue Reading