The Racist Silence of Mass Media

Since September 2016, a group of 12 refugees was protesting outside the parliament for more than a 100 days, the last 20 of which were a hunger strike. Their demand was that the procedures required for the examination of their citizenship applications commence without arbitrary delays. Their applications were inexplicably stalled for months and even years in some occasions, so in September they saw... Continue Reading

We are not afraid

Last Tuesday, following the bicommunal pro-Reunification event that took place in Çetinkaya's football field, and while the attendands were leaving, a small pathetic group of fascists showed up under police protection. They wore masks which covered their faces,... Continue Reading

Δεν φοβόμαστε

 Την Τρίτη, μετά το τέλος της δικοινοτικής εκδήλωσης για την επανένωση της Κύπρου, που έγινε στο γήπεδο Τσεττίν Καγιά, και καθώς έφευγε ο κόσμος, έκανε την εμφάνισήτης υπό την προστασία της αστυνομίας μια μικρή ομάδα θλιβερών φασιστών. Εμφανίστηκαν μασκοφορεμένοι, κρατώντας ελληνικές σημαίες και φώναζαν υβριστικά συνθήματα εναντίον... Continue Reading

Παρουσίαση στην Αθήνα: Οι Αγώνες του Κινήματος ενάντια στον Εθνικισμό

Η Συσπείρωση Ατάκτων και η Αντιεξουσιαστική Κίνηση στην Ελλάδα διοργανώνουν παρουσίαση με θέμα Η Λύση του Κυπριακού ως Διαρκής Διαδικασία: Οι Αγώνες του Κινήματος ενάντια στον Εθνικισμό, στις 27 Γενάρη ώρα 19:30 στο Nosotros. Δελτίο Τύπου της ΑΚ 2004. 2010. 2017. Το κυπριακό επανέρχεται στην διπλωματική πραγματικότητα και την επιχειρηματική σκακιέρα για να ακονίσει τους αλληλοσυγκρουόμενους εθνικισμούς Ελλάδας και Τουρκίας ταυτόχρονα με την... Continue Reading

Federal bir Kıbrıs’a Evet

Çevirenler: Yunus Cenk, Orhan Erönen, Dayanışma Kıbrıs Sorunu, her zaman siyasi elitlerin güç kavgası olmuştur ve olmaya devam ediyor. Ayni zamanda, birbiriyle çekişen milliyetçi ideolojilerin de konusu olmuştur. Biz anarşist ve anti-otoriterciler için, Kıbrıs Sorunu’nun çözümü çok önemlidir; zira gündelik hayatlarımızı, toplumumuzu ve sosyal ilişkilerimizi, siyasi kararlarımızı ve kavgalarımızı negatif etkilemektedir. Adayı bölen dikenli tellere,... Continue Reading

Beyond Europe: Evaluation of NBC 2016

In August 2016, many individuals, groups and organisations from all over Europe and beyond participated at the No Border Camp 2016 (NBC) in Thessaloniki, Greece. The idea was to protest against the European border regime, the right-wing shift in Europe and the massive death poll at European borders and to stand in for freedom of movement, solidarity and an alternative to capitalism. As... Continue Reading

Yes to a Federal Cyprus

The Cyprus Issue has been, and continues to be an issue of power struggle between political elites. At the same time, it's a matter of conflicting nationalist ideologies. For us, as anarchists and anti-authoritarians, solving the Cyprus Issue is of great importance as it negatively affects our daily lives, the society and our social relations, our political actions, and our... Continue Reading

Autonomous School December 2016: EOKA – TMT: Beyond Heroes and Terrorists

Sispirosi Atakton's December Autonomous School is hosting the presentation: EOKA - TMT: Beyond Heroes and Terrorists. Social Space Kaymakkin, December 28th, 19:00 Description: "TMT is the bad demon for all the Cypriot citizens - Greeks and Turks" (Spiros Athanasiades, the TMT File) "The terrorist organisation EOKA is killing Greeks who do not want union with Greece, as well as Brits and Turks.... Continue Reading