The Racist Silence of Mass Media

Since September 2016, a group of 12 refugees was protesting outside the parliament for more than a 100 days, the last 20 of which were a hunger strike. Their demand was that the procedures required for the examination of their citizenship applications commence without arbitrary delays. Their applications were inexplicably stalled for months and even years in some occasions, so in September they saw... Continue Reading

Beyond Europe: Evaluation of NBC 2016

In August 2016, many individuals, groups and organisations from all over Europe and beyond participated at the No Border Camp 2016 (NBC) in Thessaloniki, Greece. The idea was to protest against the European border regime, the right-wing shift in Europe and the massive death poll at European borders and to stand in for freedom of movement, solidarity and an alternative to capitalism. As... Continue Reading

“We have been here, days 34”

This is what was written on the sign below the two cypriot flags in front of the tents of those seeking justice opposite the HOuse of Parliament in NIcosia. What do they demand? Cypriot citizenship for them and their families (if they have), something which they have the right to apply for after five years of living in the country.... Continue Reading


In an era when the waves of refugees and migrants are increasing due to neo-colonial politics and relentless bombings of the West, authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, religious fundamentalism and gruesome terrorism, extreme poverty and brutal exploitation, climate change, land grabbing and environmental destruction, we cannot remain indifferent. We have become daily witnesses of the struggle of our fellow people (mainly from Middle East, Africa... Continue Reading