Beyond Europe: Evaluation of NBC 2016

In August 2016, many individuals, groups and organisations from all over Europe and beyond participated at the No Border Camp 2016 (NBC) in Thessaloniki, Greece. The idea was to protest against the European border regime, the right-wing shift in Europe and the massive death poll at European borders and to stand in for freedom of movement, solidarity and an alternative to capitalism. As... Continue Reading

Global Debout mobilisation in Nicosia

The 15th May 2016 should mark the emergence of a global consciousness! We are the 99% and together we can change the world! Massive protests that started in France on March 31st against the anti-labor reforms are still going on with thousands of people gathering and occupying public spaces. Through daily assemblies and increasing participation, protests have now taken the form of complete... Continue Reading

The role of Cyprus in the imperialist interventions

Following the recent armed attacks from the “Islamic State” (IS), the boogeyman of terrorism returns to the “West” and Russia to fulfil its usual role: To act as an opportunity for imperialist military interventions, but also as a chance for further curtailing of rights and freedoms, and for the suppression of class demands in the “interior”, under the pathetic guise of… “protecting our... Continue Reading