The Racist Silence of Mass Media

Since September 2016, a group of 12 refugees was protesting outside the parliament for more than a 100 days, the last 20 of which were a hunger strike. Their demand was that the procedures required for the examination of their citizenship applications commence without arbitrary delays. Their applications were inexplicably stalled for months and even years in some occasions, so in September they saw... Continue Reading

Your Struggle is Our Struggle

In the early morning of the 29th of November, three of our fellow humans lost their lives on the road. They were 'burried under a mountain'. They became the victims of corporate greed, where companies acquire the priviledge to destroy our mountains for profit, whilst they are not even made to fix the public infrastructure they destroy. Victims of corporate greed, which exploits... Continue Reading

Against the criminalization of solidarity: For the refugee housing squats in Thessaloniki

We have been witnessing the evictions conducted by the "left" Greek state of the squats 'Orphanage', 'Nikis Avenue' and 'Hurriya' for refugees in Thessaloniki with deep indignation. We consider unacceptable that these initiatives which are solely aiming to express solidarity with those people who are running away from war and death are treated as criminal acts. At the same time however, we recognize... Continue Reading