Against the criminalization of solidarity: For the refugee housing squats in Thessaloniki

We have been witnessing the evictions conducted by the “left” Greek state of the squats ‘Orphanage’, ‘Nikis Avenue’ and ‘Hurriya’ for refugees in Thessaloniki with deep indignation. We consider unacceptable that these initiatives which are solely aiming to express solidarity with those people who are running away from war and death are treated as criminal acts. At the same time however, we recognize that the system is not able to withstand groups’ autonomous actions precisely because it wants to suppress the welfare of these people and keep them confined in reception centers away from areas where refugees can decide for their own fate. These squats are unique ‘islands’ or spaces of freedom, spaces which are beyond the State and beyond capitalism. And this is the type of freedom that the rulers will never stop trying to suppress. The arrest and detention of our comrades who were in those squats is another evidence that solidarity towards refugees is treated by the state as a criminal act. This becomes even more obvious when compared to the way the State is treating other charity initiatives which aim to complement the actions of the State. These initiatives are welcomed with applause,. These initiatives of course do not place refugees in an autonomous and equal position, but in a state of dependence, where refugees must behave and adapt to the role of the intruder who should simply be thankful to be alive. At the same time, the involvement of the Greek Church in these squat evacuations strengthens the logic of submission through philanthropy.

We declare our solidarity towards our comrades and all the actions that will follow as reactions against this repression and to reclaim the squats.

Syspirosi Atakton,
August 3rd, 2016