Autonomous School December 2016: EOKA – TMT: Beyond Heroes and Terrorists

Sispirosi Atakton's December Autonomous School is hosting the presentation: EOKA - TMT: Beyond Heroes and Terrorists. Social Space Kaymakkin, December 28th, 19:00 Description: "TMT is the bad demon for all the Cypriot citizens - Greeks and Turks" (Spiros Athanasiades, the TMT File) "The terrorist organisation EOKA is killing Greeks who do not want union with Greece, as well as Brits and Turks.... Continue Reading

October 2016 Autonomous School: The moralisation of the role of teachers as means of promoting nationalism during the British rule

FRIDAY 14/10/2016 at 19:30, at Social Space Kaymakκιν in Kaimakli: Doctoral researcher Costas Constandinou presents his article entitled "The socio-moral role of teachers as a technology of civilisation and social control in Cyprus during 1878-1937", which is published in the new, 9th issue of Entropia Magazine. The article presents the circumstances under which the moral role of Greek Cypriot teachers... Continue Reading

July’s Autonomous School: Charting the undercurrents – Militarism resistance practices south of the Green Line

Syspirosi Atakton Autonomous School for July (Thursday the 28th, 19:30 at Kaymakκιν) examines the "draft dodging" phenomenon as an underground resistance practice against militarism. It is a presentation of the essay on the same topic published in the most recent issue of Entropia. The presentation will be in Greek, but with on-the-spot whisper-interpretation to English if needed. Continue Reading