Autonomous School December 2016: EOKA – TMT: Beyond Heroes and Terrorists

Sispirosi Atakton’s December Autonomous School is hosting the presentation: EOKA – TMT: Beyond Heroes and Terrorists.

Social Space Kaymakkin, December 28th, 19:00
[on the spot whisper-translation to English]

“TMT is the bad demon for all the Cypriot citizens – Greeks and Turks” (Spiros Athanasiades, the TMT File)

“The terrorist organisation EOKA is killing Greeks who do not want union with Greece, as well as Brits and Turks. This is how bicommunal conflicts start in Cyprus” (Serter, Vehbi Zeki, History of Cyprus, the history book taught at the TC schools until 2005)

Two rising nationalisms, two mother countries, two big ideas, one island. Two organisations, two discourses on heroism, self-sacrifice, liberation – or otherwise, on terrorism, murders, oppression. This presentation explores both organisations, EOKA and TMT beyond the dominant nationalist narrative, beyond the hegemonic historical discourses, beyond the ‘Heroes’ and the ‘Terrorists’.