Genders and Power Vol. 4: Voices of Resistance

 Φύλα και Εξουσία · Genders and Power · Cinsiyetler ve Güç Vol. 4

Voices of Resistance

Genders and Power festival is being organized for fourth consecutive year by Syspirosi Atakton, an anarchist, anti-authoritarian, anti-oppressive group rooted in Nicosia. This year our aim is to discuss and elaborate on the ways genders, in their intersections with multiple sociopolitical and cultural categories of difference, interact in myriad ways and arbitrarily produce systemic inequalities in terms of power, but also on the ways our voices resist to hegemonic structures. Genders and Power festival neither essentializes nor naturalizes any kind of identities or experiences, but rather seeks to signalize, understand and deconstruct various societal systemic power relations in order to resist them; besides, here lies its political importance. Accountability, situatedness, and self-reflexivity are all really important elements of our festival’s approach that seeks to denormalize and delegitimize power differentials and categories through engaging discussions, interactive performances, and parties with politics. The festival will take place during November, starting on Thursday, November 3rd until Saturday, November 26th. Join us!