Issue #8 of the Entropia magazine is released

The eighth issue of Syspirosi’s periodical publication, Entropia is now available at Social Space Kaymakkin and its articles as well as a PDF version will soon be available on the magazine’s website as well. The magazine is distributed for free, with optional donations which will help us cover the printing costs.

While Entropia is mostly written in Standard Greek or Cypriot Greek, one forth of this issue’s content is in English:


  • On the Civil Partnership Act
  • FAQ: feminist anarchoqueer reads Queer
  • The Cypriot is a Post-Colonial Subject
  • Better late than never: BE* camp evaluation

You can read the English articles from issues 1–7 by visiting the magazine’s website here.

What is Entropia?

Entropia is a collaborative project. It is published through anti-hierarchical processes and it aims to intervene, and demonstrate disruptive tendencies in a series of areas: class struggle, the economy, social issues, political movements, politics, culture, and ecology. Entropia attempts to intensify the discussions within the radical movement, but also to make the local struggles known to a wider audience. It is a part of our efforts towards the overthrow of the existing bourgeois capitalist system, and of the attempt to build a society based on solidarity, self-organisation, and freedom.